Section 6: Opening Prophecy, Article 7

Iranian Missile Crisis:
“Flying Cylinders” of Zechariah 5:1-11.

“This is the curse that goeth forth
over the face of the whole earth.”
Zechariah 5:3.

rom the 16th to 29th of October 1962, the United States government leaders presented the American media information on what has become known to us as the Cuban Missile Crisis. It appeared at that time that we faced a life and more likely death struggle to prevent the Russians from initiating a nuclear
attack on the Western Hemisphere. Had it occurred, it would very likely have led us into World War III. Two days before, on Sunday, 14 October 1962, surveillance planes flying over Cuba reported photographing 35 identifiable missiles on the island. Later surveillance found more. The video or DVD Thirteen Days presents Hollywood’s version of this incident. See and
        The travel range of the missiles reportedly placed in Cuba was only a few thousand miles, far too limited to cross the ocean effectively. This limitation made it necessary for the Russians to locate their weapons near their target; thus the placement in Cuba. But now, nearly forty-eight years later, technology has dramatically advanced. Missile range and guidance systems have significantly improved. Anxiety from the Cuban Missile Crisis now echoes in a Global Missile Crisis focused on the activities in Iran. And, prophetically, we should be concerned.
        Just for interest, before turning to the prophetic implications of the Cuban Missile Crisis, consider the following intriguing insights into the correlation between significant events in
Yehuveh’s Time System and the timing of this Crisis. This perspective may allow us to better place the prophecy of Zechariah 5.
        Consider these intriguing insights into the timing of the
Cuban Missile Crisis.

Release or Refocus?
5 April 1962 through 25 March 1963 was the Jubilee Year of the last fifty-year Jubilee cycle. The restoration of land to its rightful owner and the release of all people from their servitude was to be announced on the Day of Restarting (Atonement) in the previous year and would have been completed by the Day of Restarting in this Jubilee Year, 9 October 1962. The joyful celebration of this deliverance would have begun with the final grand Fall Rehearsal [The Feast of the Harvest Ingathering or Tabernacles or Booths] which followed on 14-21October 1962
        How fitting that on the first day of
a celebration of Yehuveh’s provisions and protection, people in the United States are forced to focus on just how fragile and precious life is. Those who followed the crisis had plenty of reason to rethink their lives. They were told that the launch of even one of these Cuban-based missiles could destroy an entire U.S. city with but five-minutes of warning. For full Scriptural and historical information to establish this year as a Jubilee Year and to understand the dating of each of these annual festivals, see Section 5: Articles 10: Day of Restarting (Atonement), 11: Fall Rehearsals, 12: Sabbaticals and Jubilee Years, 13: Mega-Jubilee Cycles, Section 6: Article 2: “Seventy Weeks” or Ten Jubilees, and Section 8: Article 4: Anointed to Proclaim Liberty.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:             15 May 2006
Latest Update:                     9 March 2010

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