Section 6: Opening Prophecy, Article 2

“Seventy Weeks” or Ten Jubilees

“Seventy weeks are determined
upon thy people and upon thy holy city,
to finish the transgression,
and to make an end of sins,
and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
and to anoint the most holy.”
Daniel 9:24.

ome with me. I want to show you something.” Ted dropped in step with me as we left the Chemistry Lab. I anticipated that we were both headed for supper and an evening of cramming for finals. His next words changed all that! “There’s a couple of people I want you to meet.”
       “Tonight?” I hesitated, considering all I had already planned to crowd into the few remaining hours of this busy day. “Does it have to be tonight?”
        “Of course it has to be tonight!” Ted teased. “You’re ready for exams, aren’t you?!” It wasn’t a question! Ted and I had been through four years of science classes and labs together. I knew the routine only too well. He was one of those students who could take twenty credit hours per quarter, never study, and still take top scores in every class. Me? I was a very long ways from being one of “them”! I did have to study, quite intensely. But at the moment, he was right. I really did have this quarter under my belt. I wasn’t anxious about the end-of-term tests this time.
        “Okay,” I consented. “You’re on. What am I agreeing to?”
        “I have a family I want you to meet. They invited me over for supper and I told them I’d be bringing you along.”
        “Well, aren’t you a bit presumptuous!” I grinned. It was comfortable having a friend who knew me so well, yet whom I could trust so completely. Ted had taught me so much, opened so many doors for me, yet always respected my freedom and personal goals. Something about this unplanned invitation intrigued me. “Do I need to change clothes?” my mind turned to practical matters.
        “No. You’re just fine. Let’s just stop by your dorm and leave your books. They’re heavy to haul around.”
        When I again joined Ted in front of the dorm, he began coaching me for the evening ahead: “I am going to introduce you to two young sisters, a Senior and a Freshman at the academy. Trish is to graduate this spring; Pam is just getting started. Just watch them. After supper, on our way back to the campus, I want to see what you pick up on.” This was so like Ted, always weaving wisdom into life-lessons. How had he become such a sage at so young an age?
        Trish was fun-loving, confident, poised, conversant. I liked her immediately. She met us at the door, introduced herself to me before Ted had the chance, and led the way into the dining room to introduce me to her family. Throughout the meal she was gracious, interested, and entirely enjoyable. She and Ted got into a rather “heavy” discussion of philosophy and history and she listened attentively and contributed fresh insights of her own. By the end of the meal I felt I had known her for years.

Gael Bataman         
Originally Written:        4 November 2005
Latest Update:            11 February 2010

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