Section 5: Yehuveh’s Time System, Article 13

Mega-Jubilee Cycles

Seventy weeks are determined
upon thy people and upon thy holy city,
to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins,
and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
and to anoint the most holy.”
Daniel 9:24.

o you ever have an idea that floats just below your conscious thought and occasionally emerges just long enough to tantelize you?” Tom was leaning back in his chair, feet on his desk, hands behind his head, a thoughtful far-away look in his eyes, a fixed stare at the light fixture. For once he really did
want an answer to his question, just not this question. He broke focus from the light and looked earnestly at Nate.
        Nate pushed his book aside and leaned forward, “Are you kidding? It happens all the time. Sometimes it is so distracting! Why? What’s teasing you right now?”
        “Wish I knew for sure,” Tom dropped his feet from the desk and sat upright to face Nate. The thirteen years they had shared this office and worked on parallel research had given them an openness and trust he had no need to doubt. But it wasn’t any concern about Nate that was causing him such preoccupation right now. He had an insight emerging which wasn’t quite to the birth yet, and he felt the full anguish of the intensifying “labor.”  
        “Are you back at that ‘time’ question which has haunted you so often?” Nate always seemed to cut through the fog and tune in right where Tom’s ponderings had come up against a brick wall. This quality had made their research co-operation amazingly fruitful.
        “Yes. And as always, I so wish I could either resolve it or dismiss it, but I can’t. It just floats below the surface and nags me!”
        “Not to worry, my friend. Every blackberry eventually ripens. And you and I both know from these years of research than until that happens, an immature idea is as ‘tart’ as unripe berries.” Tom returned a wry smile. Yes, he knew! They had both had times when an idea refused to be rushed. Waiting was the only option, and he knew it. But why did this one nag him so? Why did it play on his mind so persistently and always without resolution? 

Nagging Ideas and Profound Insights
        In Scriptures there are multiple glimpses into a block of time even longer than
the fifty-year Jubilee cycle, but the information provided regarding this longer time period is never explicitly explained. The original writers, knowing this time structure was already well understood, never expound. Repeating the particular details of something which was common knowledge was pointless. But for us, with all that has been taken from us, these unexplained “hints” leave us confused or, at the very least, perplexed. Fortunately, enough of the pieces to this final grand time-puzzle remain that, with much prayer and the guidance of Yehuveh’s spirit, we can regain the entire picture and again see Yehuveh’s amazing scope of time.
CAUTION ONE: This final look at Yehuveh’s Time System is not for the skeptical and faint of heart. This informational block is massive in its scope and demanding in its development. If you please, this is graduate level studies and will require careful and prayerful attention. However, if you read patiently, the picture which emerges will be profound and most satisfying. And the sense of our current position in time which these insights will yield will give you great security as you watch the events even now unfolding in the world.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:    
28 December 2009
Latest Update:            
1 January 2010

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