Section 5: Yehuveh’s Time System, Article 9

Spring Rehearsals (Feasts, Festivals)

“Yehuveh’s Passover . . .
shall be unto you for a memorial;
and ye shall keep it a feast to Yehuveh
throughout your generations . . . for ever.”
Exodus 12:11, 14.

owdy first-graders don’t line up easily, but Mrs. Lemmel was doing quite well with the thirty-five of us who would be participating in the annual Paul Nagel Elemetary School Amerature Hour Program. Every year each grade of our school presented one or more skits or songs in this variety program, to
entertain our church family and community. This was our “first grade” debut and Mrs. Lemmel was working very hard to be sure we would make our parents proud. We were excited to finally be “part of the show” in this keenly anticipated event! Even Earnest was standing where she told him--at least for the moment!
        “Pamela and Leonard, would you hand out the pencils, please.” Mrs. Lemmel held out two sizeable boxes to two of the children. Soon each student was holding a pencil in each hand. “Darrell, just hold your pencils, please. No poking anyone!” Mrs. Lemmel had that tone! Darrell wondered how she always knew!
        “Everyone have two pencils now?” Mrs. Lemmel glanced quickly down the three lines of children and then asked, “Does everyone remember what to do?” We held our pencils at arms-length and crossed as she had taught us to do over the past three days. She smiled and nodded to the lady at the piano. 
My grandfather’s clock . . . Was too large for the shelf, . . . So it stood ninety years on the floor; . . . ” With his customary confidence Dale’s voice rang out with clarion melody. His public singing had won him a place in everyone’s heart since shortly after he turned three. Of course Dale would sing the solo parts. The rest of us stood motionless, waiting. “It was bought on the morn . . . Of the day that he was born, . . . It was always his treasure and pride; . . . ”
        Now all our voices joined Dale’s in the
CHORUS: “But it stopped short . . . Never to go again, . . . When the old man died. . . . Ninety years without slumbering, . . . Tick, tock, tick, tock, . . .” With each “tick” and “tock” we struck our pencils together as Mrs. Lemmel had taught us, first a direct strike for the “tick,” then a sliding glance for the “tock.” We were in about as much unison as thirty-five six- and seven-year-olds can be, but we didn’t sound bad [at least according to Mrs. Lemmel . . . and our adoring parents]!
        “Very, very good,” Mrs. Lemmel praised us when the song ended for the second time! “This will be our last rehearsal before Saturday night. You did a great job. Be sure to wear a white shirt or blouse and dark pants or skirts, okay?” She smiled her usual smile of approval. Turning to Leonard and Pamela again, she asked, “Would you take the pencil boxes and stand by the steps, please,” then to the rest of us, “First row, split in the middle and march off single-file, then the second row, then the third, like we practiced. Please put your pencils in the boxes as you come off the stage, and then line up at the door in pairs.”

Why Call the Annual Festivals Rehearsals?
All of Yehuveh’s appointments are rehearsals. We have rehearsed many things in our lives and think we understand this statement. We rehearse before school plays, drama clubs productions, weddings, and even just preparing for a public speech. Repetition allows us to see mistakes, correct them, and gain confidence.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:      4 October 2005    
Latest Update:          28 November 2009

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