Section 5: Yehuveh’s Time System, Article 8

Seasons (Appointments, Festivals)

“Yehuveh spake unto Moses, saying,
Speak unto the children of Israel, and say
Concerning the feasts of Yehuveh,
which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations,
even these are My feasts.”
Leviticus 12:1-2.

ive me three days to pray about it and I’ll give you an answer. Thank you so very much for the invitation.” I hung up the phone and turned to answer my daughter’s facial question mark. “It’s a feast-keeping group in Alabama and I don’t need three days to think about it! I’m not going!”
       True to my arrangement, three days later Ben Morrison called back for my answer. I was as ready as the moment I hung up the phone from his prior call: “I want to thank you again for inviting me, but I don’t believe in the feast days and will not be accepting your invitation to teach at your gathering.” That should take care of matters! I had been both kind and firm. But Mr. Morrison wasn’t that easy!
Yehuveh has taught you some pretty amazing things and we just want to learn what He has given you. None of us care whether you believe in the feasts.” I was silenced. How could I counter that appeal? I had long before promised Yehuveh that I would willingly go through any door He clearly opened. This door was definitely open and Mr. Morrison had touched a nerve with his petition. Still I was set to decline.
        “You are very kind, Mr. Morrison,” I countered, “but I don’t want to spend a week with your group and have to listen to all these people telling me what I should be doing.” For emphasis, I repeated my prior statement:
I don’t believe in the feasts.
        “No problem,” he responded immediately. “I’ll put the word out. No one will approach you about the subject. No one. We just want to learn what you’ve learned.” What could I say? I reluctantly accepted his appeal to teach at this gathering. He thanked me graciously and hung up. I was not at all happy with this outcome.
        Three days later I seriously damaged my pick-up, my only transportation to the meetings in Alabama. “Well, that’s my out,” I said to myself and immediately called Mr. Morrison to alert him to the change of plans.
        I sware he was the best salesman on earth! “No problem. I’ll overnight a plane ticket to you. You should have it by tomorrow. We really want to learn what Yehuveh has taught you!” Silenced by his ready answer, I again reluctantly consented. Now what? How about reinforcements? Who could go with me? 
        I had one friend who might be able to take the week off work. If she could come, I’d at least have someone I could talk with all week. That might work. I called Kazi and asked if she’d consider joining me at these meetings. She checked with her employer and arranged to meet me in Alabama. That worked well, since I would now have no vehicle of my own. Furthermore, we made a pact to leave any meeting where the
feasts were being discussed. With Mr. Morrison’s assurance that no one would approach me, that should take care of the matter.
        True to his promise, Mr. Morrison put the word out and not one of the nearly one hundred people at the festival gathering spoke a word to me about the
feasts. Not a single speaker brought the subject up in any of the meetings Kazi and I attended. My teaching was eagerly received and the week went smoothly. Except for one thing: these people knew so much about so many things--things I wanted to know about! An older gentleman showed me a safe massage-semi-chiropractic technique for neck pain; a retired lady shared fascinating American religious history; two of the young men showed me a variety of native wild edible and medicinal plants.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:      12 September 2005   
Latest Update:            24 November 2009


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