Section 4: Key Beliefs Re-examined, Article 7

What Happens When You Die?

“For the living know that they shall die:
but the dead know not any thing,
neither have they any more a reward;
for the memory of them is forgotten.”
Ecclesiastes 9:5.

eading time!” Mom called, “And I have a new book tonight!” Kevin and Crystal came on the run! They loved this last hour before bedtime and a new book made it all the better!
        “What’s the new book about?” Kevin asked as he came through the door.
       “I’m not totally sure,” Mom replied, “but the title is Remembered. The note on the back of the book says its about the sadness a young boy feels after his little brother dies, and the questions he asks.”
Remembered had a bright Mylar cover and all the appeal of any new book, but with that explanation both Kevin and Crystal took pause. Who really wanted to read about a dead boy?
        Mom grinned. “Tell you what! We’ll start reading and if it isn’t wonderful, we’ll put it aside and get another book! Fair?”
        “Fair!” Kevin and Crystal chimed together.

        Mom settled into the middle of the comfortable overstuffed couch and Kevin and Crystal made their pillow nests on either side of her. Then Mom began the story. “Jamie was only five but he thought he was quite grown up. . . .”
        By the time the hour was up the story was at a very fascinating point and both children protested when Mom reached for the bookmark. “Please, just a little more,” Crystal begged.
        “I’m just as curious as you are to see what happens now,” Mom confessed, partially closing the book with her fingers holding the place. “Tell you what, another five pages will finish the book. We really can’t just stop here, but it is bedtime. Will you both brush your teeth and go right to bed without any fuss if we stay up and finish the book?” Both children nodded.
        “‘So what happened to Billie’s thoughts when he died?’ Jamie asked.”

Gael Bataman        
Originally Written:     23 October 2005
Latest Update:             8 June 2010

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