Section 4: Key Beliefs Re-examined, Article 5

Who is Yehoshua (Jesus)?

“I am Yehuveh thy Elohim: . . .
there is no saviour beside Me.”
“I am Yehuveh, I change not.”
Hosea 13:4; Malachi 3:6.

don’t think Christianity is true, but I still believe in Yehoshua (Jesus) because so many times when I have prayed to him, my prayers have been answered.”
        I stood looking at my daughter, pondering whether to answer her. She was intelligent,
logical, and well-read. Most of our exchanges were stimulating and well-considered. Yet this subject seemed to snag on this sentence every time it came up. Was there a way to respond which would skirt this wall? 
        I decided this time I would answer her. After all, we could both handle differences and I felt it was an important matter. “Christi, is that really the measure of what is true and what is false?”
        “Probably not, but it’s my experience and that gives it power with me.” Christi attempted to shore up her wall against my challenge. Was it right for me to press against her conviction on this subject? I felt it was.
        “In Alcoholics Anonymous the program developers encourage everyone to pray to a higher power, whatever they believe that higher power to be, because just praying to someone or something outside of themselves gets answers for most of these addicts. They say even praying to a door knob helps if the person believes it will. Does that mean the door knob answered someone’s prayers? Of course not! But praying did get results, even if it were done with a confused focus. Personal experiences are not the measure of truth.” 
        “I know what you’re saying, Mom, but for me it is my measure. I still believe in Yehoshua (Jesus).”
        “Guess I can’t blame you for thinking the way I taught you to think when you were very small!” I chuckled. “It wasn’t so very long ago I would have argued with the same lines. But you’re much, much older now and you are very reasonable in every other discussion we have on every subject. All I’m asking is that you permit me to raise some of alternate insights. Are you open to that?”
        “Sure! I’ll listen! But,” with a slight grin, Christi winked, “I still believe in
Yehoshua (Jesus).” 
        “Guess that ends the discussion as usual,” I teased. “According to the old adage, ‘A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still!’ Doesn’t sound like anything I say will counter your present convictions. As your Mom I should be very proud of your steadfastness. It’s a great quality, and I am truly thankful you can hold your ground in any discussion. But this is such an important matter that I will bring it up again. Not to be a nag, but because I’m convinced this matter is foundational to every other aspect of your life.”
        “Cool! You can present your case, just don’t expect me to change my mind!”

How Do We Measure What is True?
        For a matter so central to our lives, every one of us need to answer some foundational questions:
What is the truth about Yehoshua (Jesus)? Is He our Saviour? Was His coming prophesied in the Old Testament? Is He the firstborn Son of Yehuveh? Is He divine? Is He our substitute? Did He die for our sins? Was He born of a virgin? Did such an individual even exist, or is every aspect of this widely-revered story a fabrication? Are we to steadfastly hold to Christian teachings? Or does Yehuveh present quite a different picture in Torah than we’ve been given in Christian dogma? Can we know for sure what is true about Yehoshua (Jesus)? Does it matter?
        Each of these questions must be answered through a careful research of
Yehuveh’s “law and . . . testimony.” These answers, not our individual experiences, will prove reliable and life-sustaining. This article may be read in sequence, or you may skip directly to the sections which interest you:

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:     16 December 2008
Latest Update:           31 May 2010

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