Section 3: Health and Life Choices, Article 15

Yehuveh’s Aid for Alcoholism

“Whoredom and wine and new wine
take away the heart.”
Hosea 4:11.

hen put that way, it doesn’t sound so good! This reality  was made vivid as I sat quietly reading the Scriptures one morning. Joshua, my precious six-year-old grandson joined me. This little child is of earnest heart and I love him as a spiritual comrade as well as as a grandchild. We had had
many conversations about spiritual things. He was always a pure and honest young heart. As he joined me that morning, he asked, “What are you reading today, Grandma?”
          With a moment’s thought over all the things I had just read, I asked, “Would you like to go get your Bible and we can read together?” He nodded and hurried back to his room. While I awaited his return, I prayed about what verses to read with him and decided
Hosea 4:11 was something we needed to talk about. I helped him find it in his Bible. I told him about making a decision very early in my life that I would never drink anything alcoholic. Then I read this verse to him: “Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.” I explained what these words meant and told him that these things take our hearts away from Yehuveh. I told him that I didn’t want that to ever happen to him. Looking into his eyes, I asked him if he would make the same promise to me that I had made so may years before, the promise that he would never drink those drinks that would take away his heart from Yehuveh. He made the promise instantly, willingly, solemnly. The earnestness in his young face that morning will ever stand in my memory. Immediately he understood the urgency of having his heart secured in Yehuveh, and just as immediately he made his decision to remain faithful. His honesty challenged my own commitment.
          “Grandma, can we draw lines around that verse in my Bible like you have in yours?” We took my pen and ruler and carefully underlined and boxed that verse in his Bible. . . .
          Later I relayed the conversation to my son, Joshua’s uncle, commenting on the immediate solemn honesty of this young heart. He responded, “Perhaps that is what it means to
become as a little child.” I appeal to you to “become as a little child” when looking at the things Yehuveh told us.  Choose to keep your heart, no matter what else you must struggle to give up. It is that simple, earnest approach to Yehuveh’s words that will release the strength He wants to give us. “For it is not a vain thing for you; because it is your life: and through this thing ye shall prolong your days in the land.” Deuteronomy 32:47.
        I’ve repeated, with new emphasis, this experience which I had shared in
Yehuveh Will Reign over All the Earth. It’s important to both topics for very different reasons.

Gael Bataman         
Originally Written:       27 October 2005
Latest Update:             10 January 2010

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