Section 3: Health and Life Choices, Article 5

Abundant Water

“They thirsted not when He led them through the deserts:
He caused the waters to flow out of the rock for them:
He clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out.” 
Isaiah 48:21.

T wice Yehuveh encourages us to take “the water of life freely.” While we look at the context of these verses and recognize this to be spiritual counsel, yet it is also very valuable and very practical counsel. Revelation 22:6, 17.
        Throughout Scripture, lessons from practical life illustrate spiritual realities, and lessons from spiritual life illustrate practical realities. Every insight from one area of experience will have value in the other. There is very much spiritual counsel in the health information; and much health information is illustrated in the spiritual instruction. Repeatedly Yehuveh uses experiences from the familiar physical life to illustrate spiritual truths, fully intending that our minds recognize the interchangeable realities of the physical and spiritual worlds.

“Living Water”
Pure, natural water has life. Scripture speaks of “running water,” of “living water,” and of “flowing waters,” as life-giving and life-sustaining. Water in motion, particularly active streams such as are found in the high mountains, are naturally purified and aerated. This pure, oxygen-rich water promotes life, cleansing the tissues of the body and supplying the oxygen needed to maintain optimum function and maximum resistance to disease. Cancer and other corruption diseases can only flourish in the absence of oxygen, so an abundant supply of oxygenated water is one of the most powerful protections against these diseases. Pure, “living water” is one of the most powerful natural remedies in healing the body from any illness or disease. As the very words imply, “living water” brings life. Leviticus 14:6, 51-52; Song of Solomon 4:15; Jeremiah 2:13; 17:13; 18:14.
water quickly becomes stagnant and stale. A pond or reservoir without an outlet soon becomes undesirable, whereas, even a large body of water with a small outlet can remain fresh and alive. Stored water, whether it is tank stored as city reserves or bottled for marketing, usually soon loses its oxygen. Often such water also absorbs chemicals from its storage container and is, therefore, far from pure. While bottled water is without a doubt far better than tap water in any city, yet the call for “living water” is a call to obtain our water fresh from an active spring, a pure, flowing stream, or an active well.
Yehuveh’s call to His people is a call back to “living water.” Few who live in the large communities— cities and even large towns—have access to “living water.” Mountain streams are usually pure enough to drink, but by the time a river has passed through very much of our countryside, it is far from drinkable. Agricultural run-off, animal and human waste, and other pollution has so corrupted the waters as to make drinking them quite out of the question. Spring water and most well water can be pure enough to drink, but often well water is no longer aerated. It is clear, then, that to have “living water” in the cities can become quite challenging. Some “country folk” will arrange with a few city dwellers to come “out to the farm” for a few gallons of water a week, but even this is quite impractical for everyone involved. For this reason, for our own health and well being, Yehuveh appeals to His people to flee “into the wilderness” to live where these most basic necessities of life can be readily supplied. Revelation 12:6, 14.           

Gael Bataman         
Originally Written:     7 September 2005
Latest Update:           7 January 2010

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