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Do You Know His Name?
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Aside: Manly P. Hall, in his phenomenal book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. 362-363, 368, expands these insights regarding the Hebrew Letters, tying them to astronomy and to the human body.
        In reality, we’ve very much more to understand regarding this matter. The twenty-two Hebrew letters are divided into three groups: “Three are the first elements (water, air, fire) [Sheen (sh), Aleph (a), and Mem (m)—the knowledge of which gave rise to the title Sham-en for the priest-leaders of many groups of people around the globe]; . . . seven are double letters [Beth (b), Gimel (g), Daleth (d), Coph (c), Pe (p), Rosh (r), Tau (t)]; and twelve are simple letters [Hey (h), Vav (v), Zayin (z), Keth (k), Teth (t), Yod (y), Lamed (l) Nun (n), Samek (s), Eyen (silent), Tsada (ts), and Qoph, (q)].”
Yehuveh “selected three consonants (I, H, V) from the simple ones. . . . and fashioned them into a great Name. . . .” These letters are arranged in a figure consisting of a central triangle, surrounded by a seven point star, surrounded by a twelve-point star and their arrangement is intimately concerned with astronomy: “In the central triangle are the three Mother Letters from which come forth the seven Double Letters—the planets and the heavens [literally the sun, moon, and five visible planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter]. Surround [them] . . . are the signs of the zodiac symbolized by the twelve Simple Letters.” [Several authors have noted how the letters connect with the Signs of Zadok.
        The following notes are quoted by Hall from Knut Stenring: Yehuveh “used the letter Hey (H) to predominate in speech, . . . and fashioned by them
Aries (the Ram) in the universe, . . . and the right foot of the human body. . . . He used the letter Vav (V) to predominate in thought,  . . . and fashioned by them Taurus (the Bull) in the universe . . . and the right kidney of the human body. . . . He caused the letter Yod (I) to predominate in work,  . . .  and fashioned by them Virgo (the Virgin) in the universe . . . and the left hand of the human body.”]
        Only as we regain our lost knowledge of the signs and basic astronomy will we understand all of this. Suffice to say, when Yehuveh communicates with us, these three constellations (
Aries, Taurus, and Virgo, which is central to the “great wonder” of Revelation 12:1-5),  will be particularly significant.
        See the article,
“A Great Wonder in Heaven”, where a sign in Virgo was singular and highly significant on 5 October 2005. Also study Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Zodiac and Astronomy or Astrology, which discuss these things in greater detail.

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Gael Bataman
Originally Written:              18 September 2005
Latest Update:                    24 September 2009

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