Recommended Reading: Articles

These are a few of the articles we have found helpful along the way!
From Sabbath to Saturday:
The Story of the Jewish Rest Day

John D. Keyser

    An exceptional examination of the development of the
          present time-keeping and Sabbath-keeping systems.
The Burning Question:
Sabbath -- When Is It?

Ernie L. Hoch

    Solid Scriptural evidence for marking the Sabbaths
          by the movements of both the sun and the moon.
Case for a Lunar Based Sabbath
Ryan Van Denburgh

    A solid foundation for determining the Sabbaths by the
          unchanging movements of the heavens! This article
          is written by and for Seventh-day Adventists and
          addresses their questions regarding Saturday Sabbath
          and the continuous week. The author includes
          convincing quotations from the writings of Ellen
Philo and the Lunar Sabbath

    Evidence for ancient understanding of the Lunar
          Sabbaths in the writings of the historian Philo.
Gael Bataman         
Originally Written:      27 January 2008
Latest Update:            27 January 2008
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