Introduction to

              Ezekielís Seventy Years

                                            Spanning the spring of 1938 to the spring of 2008

        The book of
Ezekiel is the story of Israel and the world since the spring of 1938. By fourteen very specific dates, Ezekiel highlights significant events in global developments in our time. The accuracy of this information, revealed now that all of these fourteen dates are past, serves a powerful purpose:

                                              Seeing the accuracy of prophecies now
                                    we will believe the certainty of the prophecies yet

Ezekiel 33 through 35 describe (1) the tragic but necessary emptying of the land of Israel; shortly followed by (2) a massive migration of the remnant of Israel back to this land from every nation of the world in a few days; (3) the subsequent invasion of the land by the armies of China and Russia, with Iran and many others, and (4) their ultimate death and burial in this land. Every one of these events will come just as described! Daniel 11-12 describes these events in summary form!

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A Whole New Look at Ezekiel!
        Seventy Year Prophecies          Good Words               Span of Seventy Years  
Names of Ezekiel and Buzi      The Thirtieth Year      The Month and Day  
Among Captives                      River of Chebar         Heavens were Opened  
I Saw Visions of Elohim         Who is Egypt?             Jehoiachinís Captivity

                   Ezekiel 1:1          Ezekiel 8:1         Ezekiel 20:1        Ezekiel 24:1      Ezekiel 26:1  
Ezekiel 29:1        Ezekiel 29:17      Ezekiel 30:20      Ezekiel 31:1      Ezekiel 32:1  
Ezekiel 32:17      Ezekiel 33:21      Ezekiel 40:1   

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:       7 June 2006
Latest Update:             4 June 2008

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