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Six Years of Returning (Darius)
10 April 2005 to 4 April 2011

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       In Scriptures there are references to six Years of Darius. [Study the list of all these Scriptural references.]
        While there were indeed historical kings by this name/title, yet another and far more subtle consideration is provided in the Scriptures. These references carry a profoundly coded insight into events that take place within a six-year span in our time, from the
Gregorian Calendar dates of 10 April 2005 through 4 April 2011. As the events of these six years are necessary preparation to a closing event which is “to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy,” they will forever change this earth. That’s awesome! Daniel 9:24.
        These are years in which preparation is made to
fully restore Yehuveh’s righteous kingdom on earth [Daniel 2:44-45]. Two very special years follow these six years: Yehuveh’s seventh or Sabbatical Year of rest and the final grand Jubilee Year, the year of full release! Revelation 11:15.
        Study the story of these six years first by reading
the full Explanation, then by studying the graphic chart of each year, including the notes linked to each specific date. Or focus on specific topics listed below.

Explanation of the Six Years of Returning (Darius)

                             The Year                              Corresponding Gregorian Dates          The Message   
First Year of Returning      10 April 2005     to  29 March 2006    Revelation 2:1-7
Second Year of Returning      30 March 2006   to  19 March 2007    Revelation 2:8-11
Third Year of Returning      20 March 2007   to    6 April 2008      Revelation 2:12-17
Fourth Year of Returning       7 April 2008    to  26 March 2009     Revelation 2:18-29
Fifth Year of Returning     27 March 2009  to  16 March 2010     Revelation 3:1-6
Sixth Year of Returning     17 March 2010  to    4 April 2011      Revelation 3:7-13
Sabbatical Year: Full Rest       5 April 2011   to  22 March 2012     Revelation 3:14-22
Jubilee Year: Full Release!     23 March 2012 to  12 March 2013     Leviticus 25:8-19

Details of the
Sabbatical Year are Presented in Sequence in:  Noah’s Year of Deliverance

Direct Access to Specific Topics
    What Does “Darius” Really Mean?             Applying the Six Years of Returning
    Anointing Yehuveh’s Instructors                 Wisdom Restored in these Years
Yehuveh’s 1260-Day Preparation Begins    Yehuveh Gives a Clear Warning
Yehuveh’s 1260-Day Preparation Ends       Noah’s Year of Deliverance
Forty Days of Global Upheaval                  “Day of Vengeance” on Jerusalem
War Against the Great Red Dragon            Iranian-led Global Dominion
Restoration of Israel to Homeland              Russian-Chinese-led Global Dominion
Year of Triple Harvests                              Sabbath Rest and Jubilee Release

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:             
17 May 2008
Latest Update:                    16 July 2011

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