Outlines Events of
Seven Years of Restoration
Revelation  1:1-22:21.

“Blessed is he that readeth,
and they that hear the words of this prophecy,
and keep those things which are written therein:
for the time is at hand.”   
Revelation 1:3.

       Revelation has been studied and interpreted for centuries. Why evaluate it again now? Because, we must!!! The translation we have, the interpretation of it’s symbols, the time-frame, the urgency--all have given us a very twisted assessment of Yehuveh’s very simple and straightforward message, a message we desperately need right now!
        For a dozen reasons, we need to take another look at every detail of

Revelation was originally written in Hebrew, not in Greek.
Revelation, restored to Hebrew, connects and structures all the Old Testament prophecies.
Revelation adds pieces to the Old Testament dilineation of the years following 20 March 2005
          (4)  The events of these years
will take place in rapid succession. This book permits us to prepare.
          (5)  Restoring the Hebrew qualities of the text
reconnects the book with all of Torah.
          (6)  The book has been
exceptionally mis-translated into Greek, and then into English.
          (7)  Several
key words in this book are used but once and not understood in the Greek.
People’s names, including Jesus Christ and the John the Revelator, are not individuals!
Places, from the Isle of Patmos to the seven cities of Revelation 1:11, are not places!
          (10)  Many passages are
identical to Old Testament passages, redirecting the OT applications.
The errors of mystery religions, mis-translated into the text, must be removed.
          (12)  Passages which, mis-translated and used to coerce and create fear,
are exceptionally hopeful.

        Take the entire book in sequence, skip to the overviews, or go directly to any verse which fascinates you.

For evidence that Revelation was written in Hebrew, see Intro page 2.

Gael Bataman
Originally Written:               27 November 2007
Latest Update:                     12 May 2011

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