Section 6: Opening Prophecy

Article 1: Seven Keys to Open Prophecy
        “Seventy weeks are cut off for your people. ” Daniel 9:24.

Article 2: “Seventy Weeks” or Ten Jubilees
“He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. ” Daniel 9:27.

Article 3: Confirming the Covenant for Seven Years  
“Thou shalt bear the iniquity . . . each day for a year. ” Ezekiel 4:6.

Article 4: Two Witnesses
        Can the two witnesses of
Revelation 11 be positively identified in Scriptures?

Article 5: Yehuveh’s “Acceptable Year”
        What and when is
"the acceptable year of Yehuveh ”? Isaiah 61:2.

Article 6: The Day of Vengeance
        What is
“the day of vengeance of our Elohim ”? Isaiah 61:2.

Article 7: Iranian Missile Crisis
“This is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth. ” Zec. 5:3.

Article 8: “A Great Wonder in Heaven ”
        What is the sign of
Revelation 12:1, 2, 5? When did it occur? 

Article 9: “A Great Red Dragon ”
        What is the
“great red dragon" which only Yehuveh can destroy?

Article 10: Seven Heads with Blasphemous Names
        What are the seven heads of this dragon which have blasphemous names? 

Article 11: Ten Horns with Crowns
        What are the ten horns of this dragon which wear the crowns? 

Article 12: When Yehuveh Turns Our Captivity
        What happens to Israel when Yehuveh gathers them again? 

Article 13: All the Wicked Cut Off
        Why must Yehuveh
“consume all things from off the land ”? Zephaniah 1:2

Article 14: Proclaiming Liberty in the Jubilee Year
        What is the deliverance we will have in the next Jubilee Year?  

Article 15: The Great Day of Yehuveh
        What and when is
“the great and terrible day of Yehuveh”? Joel 2:31.

Gael Bataman     
Originally Written:       
3 August 2005
Latest Update:          
30 August 2009

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