Section 5: Yehuveh’s Time System

Article 1: Calendars
Does Yehuveh have or keep any calendar? How should we mark time? 

Article 2: Astronomical Signs
        How are the sun, moon and stars given us for signs? 

Article 3: Days and Years  
        How do the sun and moon mark days and years?

Article 4: New Moon Days
        What are New Moons? What are we to do with them?  

Article 5: Months
        How does Yehuveh mark the months? 

Article 6: Sevens (Weeks)
        How do the Scriptures define and measure Yehuveh’s weeks? 

Article 7: Sabbaths
        What are Yehuveh’s
Sabbaths? How are we to guard and keep them? 

Article 8: Seasons (Yehuveh’s Appointments, Festivals)
        In Yehuveh’s time-keeping system, what are seasons? 

Article 9: Spring Rehearsals (Feasts, Festivals)
        Spring Festivals -- rehearsals of what? Re-hear-ings of what?

Article 10: Day of Restarting (Atonement)
A Detailed Look at Atonement in Leviticus 16
        What is the
Day of Atonement? Is it relevant to us in these days? 

Article 11: Fall Rehearsals (Feasts, Festivals)
        Fall Festivals -- rehearsals of what? What are we to re-hear of our past?  

Article 12: Sabbatical and Jubilee Years
        How does Yehuveh mark repeating cycles of years? 

Article 13: Mega-Jubilee Cycles
        How does Yehuveh divide large segments of time?  

Estimated Sabbath Schedules are provided for perspective:
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Gael Bataman     
Originally Written:       
3 August 2005
Latest Update:          
30 August 2009

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