Section 4: Beliefs Re-examined

Article 1: Can We Expect a Rapture?
       Is the “safely-out-of-here ” rapture going to be a reality according to Scriptures?  

Article 2: Is Yehoshua to Come Again?
        Do Scriptures say He is coming in clouds with great glory and all the angels? 

Article 3: Is Yehuveh One Being? Or Three?  
“I am Yehuveh, . there is none else, there is no elohim beside Me. ” Isaiah 45:5.

Article 4: New Testament--Truth or Myth?
        Is there harmony between the New Testament and Torah (the Old Testament)?

Article 5: Who is Yehoshua (Jesus)?      What about Isaiah 53?
        Does Torah (the Old Testament) support the coming of a Saviour? 

Article 6: What About Sacrifices and Offerings?
        Is the traditionally accepted view of animal slaughter Scriptural? 

Article 7: What Happens When You Die?
        Will Scriptures support continued life after death? What can we expect? 

Article 8: Are Spirits Good or Bad?
        Scriptures are clear that there are spirits. Are they good, bad, or some of each? 

Gael Bataman     
Originally Written:       
3 August 2005
Latest Update:          
30 August 2009

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