Section 3: Health & Life Choices

Article 1: Trust in Yehuveh
        “Bless Yehuveh, . . . who healeth all thy diseases.” Psalms 103:2-3.

Article 2: Healing Yehuveh’s Way
“Yehuveh Elohim . . . [is] abundant in goodness and truth.” Exodus 34:6.

Article 3: Restoring Health  
“will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee.” Jeremiah 30:17.

Article 4: Natural Remedies
        If we cannot be healed in Yehuveh’s ways, can we be healed at all?

Article 5: Abundant Water
        Water inside and out provides one of the most effective healing aids. 

Article 6: Rest for Mind and Body
“Ask for the old paths . . . and walk therein, and ye shall find rest.” Isaiah 25:1.

Article 7: Diet, Nutrition, and Food
        A look at Scriptures regarding the diets and foods Yehuveh gave His people.

Article 8: Appeal for a Vegan Diet
        The initial fall and final restoration of humanity is pictured in graphic form. 

Article 9: Sunlight, Light of Life
“Truly [it is] . . . a pleasant thing . . for the eyes to behold the sun.” Eccl. 11:7.  

Article 10: Healthy Activity (Exercise)
        Choose action, always! When you can take the stairs, don’t ride the escalator! 

Article 11: Pure, Fresh Air
“Let everything that hath breath praise Yehuveh.” Psalms 150:6.

Article 12: The Nazarite Vow and Lifestyle
“I raised up . . .  your young men for Nazarites.” Amos 2:11.  

Article 13: The Diet for Priests and Kings
“All the best of the oil, and . . . the wheat, the firstfruits . . . have I given thee.”

Article 14: Recipes for Priests and Kings
“Wheat . barley . beans . lentils . millet . fitches . . make . . bread.” Ezekiel 4:9.

Article 15: Yehuveh’s Aid for Alcoholism
        Yehuveh has a way for coping with life-craziness without chemical dependence. 

Article 16: Promises for Health and Healing
        Scriptures are rich with promises for our well-being and recovery. 

Gael Bataman     
Originally Written:       
3 August 2005
Latest Update:          
30 August 2009

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