Section 1: Yehuveh Loves Us

Article 1: Yehuveh’s Everlasting Love for Us
        “I have loved thee with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3.

Article 2: Abundant in Goodness
“Yehuveh Elohim . . . [is] abundant in goodness and truth.” Exodus 34:6.

Article 3: How Do We Worship Yehuveh?  
“Worship Yehuveh in the beauty of holiness.” Psalms 96:9.

Article 4: “Choose Ye This Day”
        Are you willing to serve Yehuveh when it requires dramatic changes in your life?

Article 5: Do You Know His Name?
        Does it matter what we call our Creator and Sovereign? 

Article 6: Who or What is Elohim?
“O Yehuveh, Thou art my Elohim; I will exalt thee.” Isaiah 25:1.

Article 7: Yehuveh Will Reign over All the Earth
        Yehuveh will
“set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed.” Daniel 2:44.

Article 8: Who Is Israel?
        Can we find and identify all twelve tribes of Israel at the present time? 

Article 9: One Everlasting Covenant
        Is there really a new covenant? Was any covenant nailed to the cross?

Article 10: Under Grace or Under Law?
        Can Yehuveh run a government without maintaining law? What is grace? 

Article 11: Yehuveh’s Twelve Commandments
        Yehuveh’s commandments, statutes, and judgments surround us in safety! 

Article 12: Do You Have Everlasting Joy?
        What is joy? What bring joy? Why is there so little joy now? 

Article 13: The Oil of Gladness
        Call it courage, trust, optimism,,joy, or gladness! 

Gael Bataman     
Originally Written:       
3 August 2005
Latest Update:          
30 August 2009

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